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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 13, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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see you tomorrow. here you go, allison. thank you. welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld. or as i am known by our neighborhood watch group, the pantless prowler. let's go to andy levy for what is coming up on tonight's show. >> our top story, should homeless people be using the wireless hotspots. some say no, but others say, can you hear me mow? and should the sec boot rush limbaugh from the airways? some say yes, but others say no. should there be bosses in switzerland? what are you crazy other people who say no. >> welcome back, greg. >> thanks, andy. >> everything go okay? >> everything went fine, thanks for asking. >> so you took care of the thing? >> it is all taken care of. >> the guy was cool with
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everything? >> totally cool with everything. >> we can go back to the place? >> anytime we want. >> that's great news. >> except for one thing. >> what is that? >> the thing is not taken care of and the guy is not taken care of, and we can't go back to the place. >> other than that? >> other than that it is all settled. >> welcome back. >> see you later. i hate him. she is so hot that saying her name can spark a forest fire on the moon. i am here with diane ma say dough -- macedo. she is on weekdays on fox business network. if you don't have it -- >> demand it. come on, people. he is so sharp he uses a pin cushion for a pillow. it is michael money gnaw han. and he is funnier than a mime stuffed in a troll doll stuffed into a whoopi cushion. and he shapes with barbed wire filled with gas. it is terry save ford.
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terry safford. >> when you start speaking german. >> well, they have no turf, but you can use them to surf. it is that time of greer when the -- year when the world's most annoying nerds and hip hipers -- hipsters. and it lets them know and they turn homeless people into wireless access points. it is called homeless hotspots and here is how it works. 13 homeless people have been given personal my fi wireless routers and t-shirts that say i am a 4g hot spot. you log on with your phone or network and you pay them whatever you want for the use of the service. the program is the brainchild
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of new york-based marketing firm bbh which says whatever money you give goes directly to the homeless person. bbh says it is just a test and it gets bigger like something really big. they discuss the project by one of the many panels and i believe we have tape. >> it is the most compelling snow cone i have ever seen. terry, is this gross? and by gross i mean awesome, and by awesome i mean gross? >> i don't know. when i was reading it i started laughing and i thought, i was getting creeped out a little bit. it is a little sci-fi 70s future shock thing. homeless folks, we were talking about this, they are either cute and cuddly or home
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-- homicidal. at one point it was a bunch of people going, man, don't move and getting in their face. that could turn out badly. >> i know. i heard people say, when they peruse their porn they like it to be really dirty. it is not right. if it means homeless people can earn money, what is wrong with this? >> i understand the argument it is a little dehumanizing saying i am a hot spot. but we were also talking about this a little earlier, but it is no worse than the guy who walks around with the billboard saying, subway, this way, or anything like that. if the people getting wi-fi are happy with it, if the homeless people providing the service is happy and the company paying for it is happy, i have no problems. >> i don't know about this. is it really just like the guy with the subway arrow? the guy with the subway arrow is getting paid by subway.
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the guy who is becoming an indentured servant, you have to give them money if you please. >> a couple things here, greg. the first one is, you are right. it isn't anything like that. it is more like the guy that sells the homeless newspaper. i was in cambridge, massachusetts -- >> at least you are not bragging. >> not in england. it was in massachusetts, the not good one. i was there and there was a guy still selling a copy of the paper called "spare change." i bought it a few times and it is like prison poetry. nobody is buying the paper. they are giving money to a homeless guy and he is giving you something. it is that arrangement. they are not really working. you are not going to get on the web because it is wireless. >> i am totally confused by technology as you know.
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here is the thing, joe, isn't this kind of the company that is basically trying to look good by doing this? in a way it is a financial decision at the same time. they are not paying, so they get all of the free pr. like this show we had 17, 18 million viewers that are talking about this. so apparently it was a crash decision. >> everybody is laughing about it. >> it is a little strange. i feel like i do have some authority to speak on homeless issues. i am sitting in bill's chair. i think it is time and technology has taken us to the point where it is people. you sort of want the dignity of the job. you want a person to do something. i am seeing them wearing a shirt saying, "i am a wireless hot spot" it seems like, okay, give them something to do, maybe a chance to rebuild your life. it is like, are you treating this person as a piece of furniture? >> they don't have a better
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option, right? >> this is what i am saying. it certainly helps these people out. it is the person at the other end who came up with it. i was reading their website and i still -- part of it makes me cringe a little bit. at least with the newspapers the homeless people are writing those stories, and they are interacting. and also the idea that -- >> you have seen the writing. >> i got through the classified section. >> the company does. the company that came up with idea issued a statement saying that comparison was off for the exact reason. they did retract that themselves. >> why did they retract it? >> they said in the case of the paper, the homeless are going out there and reporting on the stories. they are more involved. >> i am just talking about what they are saying. >> they were standing there with a device on them and people can get intimate. >> i am an avid reader of spare change.
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>> by the way, we haven't re, mad on how the title spare change is. it is a newspaper. i am not just asking for money. you can give me money and then i will buy my heroin. i have a hard time with this for two reasons. south by southwest, it is the hip music thing to do. everybody goes to see bands. my point is this. if the rnc convention had done this could you imagine -- >> oh my gosh. >> yes, it does keep -- it is actually a lot of fun. >> it is a great place. >> the bumper sticker does that. could you imagine if the military complex said something like that. you are right. people would be upset. >> i am with you guys. i still don't know where i am with it. they are a little weird, but they are making money. just don't make money and kill somebody. >> i think they are being a bit facetious with the word "home also."
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homeless." living in hell's kitchen in new york you would not do this. >> here is my point. austin is a spoiled city. it is where people go to live where they don't have to make any money. it is like santa cruz, california. when you talk about homeless, you are not talking new york homeless. >> it is probably somebody that dropped out of college and they are a stoner. >> it is like all of the wi-fi hots spots are spot going to be around a liquor store. you have to go right under the bridge to get a good connection. >> there is a distinct between jobless and homeless. there are people who are homeless because they had a situation in life. you can get back to these steps. >> it is not helping with schulz. >> those are people who need more like put a t-shirt on me.
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some people are severely mentally ill. that's where i feel like -- again, it is so hard. is it exploited 1234* people are clueless in a good natured way. >> they are playing cops and robbers in assisted of really playing cops and robbers. they are not real homeless people. these are people who come from the weather and hang out. here is my issue. this could actually be an inventive new be jo. there are jobs that take a lot of work. this could be a great thing. they should be paid for this. it should be a real job, especially when you are dealing with a rejection of being a cold spot. >> what happens if people start yelling at you. the rejection of going from hot to cold is horrible. >> why does it need to be a person at all? >> because that is the program. >> right, but it is not like this is an invention and people can walk around. you don't actually meet a person. >> you know why?
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like in airports you probably need a permit to put the hot spot there. the human being just walks around. >> it is just charity. it is not a job. we are not g ifg homeless people jobs. it is charity. >> we are tech savy here. >> it could be for somebody struggling to get back into normal society, the idea of a job where you show up on time. these things we take for granted. joy i agree. >> the ability to talk to people normally instead of asking them for change and asking them for money. >> i am greating with you except i do not believe this is what you would call the typical homeless person because the typical homeless person would not be who you have as an internet port. these are hippie kids that follow fish. the new york homeless people, that's like the difference between the pittsburgh steelers and pop warner.
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you come to new york, and you are playing with the pros. these homeless people have like super human strength. >> it is like junk yard dog versus poodles. >> they are not doing the internet on 8th and 34th. >> i wouldn't bank on that. >> i am not an italian-american, but smarting from the fact you called the vipa a wap. >> that's w-a-p. from hotspots to knit wits. they want to put limbaugh into limbo. attorney and attention-seeking gloria all red said rush limbaugh should be prosecuted for defending sandra flook by calling her a slut. her basis is an 1883 florida law that states who ever speaks of and concerning any woman, married or unmarried, falsely, maliciously imputing to her a want of chastity -- they always talked funny back then -- shall be guilty of a
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misdemeanor of the first degree. and now jane fonda, you remember her. thisy have joined in saying it is time for the fcc to crush rush. the co-founders of the women -- the women's media center accused them of using sexist, racist and homophobic language and we shouldn't insight speech. as the left often does, the three say that if clear channel won't drop rush they should step in with the sec banishing him from the airways. let's go to the senior media correspondent playing with a red pumpkin. >> basically it is a war on
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pumpkins. and that is a metaphor for a lot of the wars. we will get to snooki later though. that wasn't even worth it. michael, the best part in this fonda, gloria stenam op ed is a claim -- they claim it isn't political. how is this not political? if this was bill mar, this would not happen. >> i saw daily beast op-ed. they compare him to joseph gerble. they are immediately disqualified. i think she disqualified herself by going to north vietnam. the factor is giving aid and suffer to the enemy of war. that said let's move to the real issue. gloria all re d, my anger is directed to the media. i hate saying the media, but
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gloria all red, why people listen to this woman. clearly she knows this statute out -- it is a sexist statute out by the way. am i right? >> as a feminist -- you are right. do you need me to say yes? >> have i a very low self- self-esteem. >> a feminist saying that women are too weak to handle a verbal slur undoes -- how long has feminism been around, six years? i am kidding. all of the hard work that feminists have done is because women's feelings are too sensitive. she is being clever. she found an old -- >> she helped address that law. >> get him off the air, sec. >> schulz is not here. you are the only woman on the panel. what is your take on this. >> going after a law like this is a little cheap, and it does
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take away from the idea that we can handle it. at the same time, i think he crossed the line, but the private sector took care of that. hit critics -- his critics say everybody is ditching him. it seems like the problem is regulating himself. he said something wrong and people reacted and he is being punished. the sec doesn't need to step in. if they want to go after him for defamation, go for it. you have to prove that what he is saying is false. that means all of the sexual activity is fair game. >> that happened to me, and it wasn't pretty. it was an ugly thing. you know about that time. >> i was going to say, don't minimize it. >> all of this is an example of something far more nernishus. none of these people are ticked off at rush. the same way a lot of people aren't ticked off at bill mar. if this group doesn't like
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bill mar, they will be outraged. if these people don't like rush, they will be outraged. there is an institutional lineup. i hate to say the word media, but they go after with an attempt to silence them. >> first i would like to say i don't know if we want to go baying to southern laws of 1880. >> you are right. it is like i don't know, squealing is not the word. you don't like what somebody says and you don't listen to the program. then if it bothers you, call the station and complain. thin call the advertiser and say i will no longer buy your product. that should be sufficient. if you believe in freedom of speech, then to say i don't like what this person says so no one else can listen to it, i am not a fan of rush. i don't listen to a lot of talk radio. it is obnoxious. but i have other obnoxious entertainment i enjoy.
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i provide a fair amount of. >> you do. >> i don't think people should involved. >> what bothers me now is the get the government volumed. self-importance of people like all re d. if laura ingram can forget schulz -- not that schulz who is not there -- but if she can forgive ed schulz for calling her a right wing slut, gloria allred who was not even insulted, it is not about you, you drama queen. we are tired of listening tow. >> the thing is, i don't remember conservatives demanding things -- in the old days they would demand things off the air. conservatives would say, i don't like this, it is wrong. >> there are obnoxious people on both sides. he does a political comedy show. if you don't like it, it is on pay cable. get over it. stop complaining that your feelings are hurt. if your feelings are hurt, you should not be watching bill mar.
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it goes over the line. we don't want the boost doing it and that is a basic issue. >> it is a cheap shot, and it is not like he is going after laura ingram or sarah palin. coming up, how should you approach pretty girls in bars? diane macedo discusses her book, "don't even try. i only date rich guys." i just made that up. we will attempt to satisfy your hunger for news from switzerland.
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should it be a crime to take your time?
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well a new jersey lawmaker thinks clogging the left lane is more than a pain and sponsored a bill that would toughen the penalties for highway slow pokes. says the state senator, nor cross, being trapped behind a slower vehicle is one of the biggest triggers for road rage. okay. some people have told me the fines we are proposing are not high enough. they say it should be execution. okay, but does that go far enough? not in my mind. nor cross' measure would bump the minimum penalty from $50 to $100 and not the maximum from $100 to $300. the state senate will vote on this in the next two weeks. i have some elective surgery that i will suspend because i can't wait for this. this type of behavior is going unpunished.
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>> the problem is there is no peta for animals, like animal on animal stuff. some sexists think this bill targets women. i condemn that. it was a sexist female who said that. >> what do you make of this? >> this is the best idea ever. we should find these people as much as possible. they take up the whole ease ask escalator. or the person who takes the only grocery lane with two carts of food when all you have to buy is a snicker's bar? >> when you are that person, you actually enjoy being that person. it is like when you are standing at the desk and you go, i know shepherd smith is
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coming up and he has to get around me. good luck, shep. and same thing when you are texts and walking and somebody is behind you and you go slower. >> nobody really does that, do they? >> should your slow driving be at fault for somebody else's road rage because i am pis se d off? >> well, i like anyone whose quote has road rage and trigger in the same sentence. i like how they acknowledge road rage. i think it is a great idea. i think we should have these days where you get it all out of your system. get those people out of the way. in germany on the auto ban they drive over 80 miles an hour. >> i think that was a classic craft work. >> it was done by the nazis. >> i will give you a chance to answer this question in german. is this an attack like a
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bigoted attack on slow people? >> yes. i am all for it. we don't need more laws. this one i get behind because i am selfish, but the amazing thing about it, my constituants i talked about and they say people should be executed. >> everybody goes berserk. it is awesome. >> but there is a bad thing to this. they plan on taking the money and plan on using it to educate drivers. >> >> it is a homeless hot spot. >> or at least a terry. need a new tatoo. >> i need new ink. >> how do you feel on this? i don't have a question. >> the thing is, americans who moved there often cause accidents.
12:27 am
>> they should just make the speed limit in jersey like 200. you know what, i hate that state . >> i have family there. i love my family. >> where are you going, by the way? >> i was going to say -- what was i going to say? >> is this a time when you would speak german? >> the reason i like jersey is i always get lost there. >> you can't make a left turn. >> it is every seven feet on the garden state. >> what does? >> the garden state parkway. >> i should see naked pictures of diane macedo. >> good god.
12:28 am
>> it wouldn't make a difference if somebody is driving 30 miles an hour in the left lane. >> i'm sorry, greg. >> as america's bad boy, everybody know had -- everybody knows. i am for this law, and at the same time i am against this law. as america's bad boy i am in a quandry. i am against laws. 234* a weird way i don't drive at all. i sit in a room and watch reruns of "golden girls." >> do you have a comment on the show? e mail us. red eye at fox to leave a voicemail call 212-462-5050. which one can read that in german? [speaking german]. >> i could have said that.
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>> tonight's half time report is sponsored by sharks. the long body marine predators with a prominent dorsal fin. thanks, sharks.
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let's find out if we have anything wrong. let's go to andy levy.
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>> first the acro name is wap and not the way you said it. >> i apologize then. >> don't apologize to me. apologize to joseph. >> sorry, joe. >> what about fat? >> terry, you said you got a little creeped out by the fact it had a 1970s sci-fi movie vibe which i agree. as long as it is volunteer it is okay. but it has like the running man or the hunger games. >> it is logan runnish, future shock, west world or something. >> you are throwing out names you saw in a bookstore. you mean future world. >> diane just yawned. >> you said it was dehumanizing to say "i am a
12:34 am
hot spot" like you don't wear that all the time. >> it is my favorite. >> michael, you said this is like the guys who sell the homeless newspapers. the man behind the hot spot program says it was inspired by that. diane, they haven't retracted that statement as you said they did. they said this is a beta test and they would like to see future versions of the program , quote, in which this media channel of hotspots is used as a platform to create content. >> they compared it to the papers and they took that back. it is actually not comparable to that. >> but they also said it is like this is a test pilot program. >> they took back the comparison. >> but then what they said -- >> you are welcome for that information. >> gutfeld is sleeping. greg, you said they were being facetious with the word "homeless."
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one guy lost his house in hurricane katrina and has had fment trouble since. another guy since 2008 because of drug and alcohol addiction and he is four months sober. and others are homeless including finding it hard to find a job due to nonviolent convictions. as usual, i think you are wrong. >> i should have read that part. >> i hoped maybe your vacation would make a difference. >> i was away and i went back to my old habits. >> i thought you would take that time to take stock. >> i may not be wrong here. again they probably were very, very, very specific about the type of homeless people they want #ed. president whatted. correct? >> i don't know how they chose them. you said they were hippies that wept to austin. went to austin. >> those are the homeless guys i partied with for reasons that are obvious. i like to hang out.
12:36 am
>> i like to party. >> and there is no family to contact. >> are you trying to make him feel guilty? >> no, he said that is the people i hang out with. >> greg, you didn't know -- talking about jane fonda and gloria steinum and the third person robin morgan? she is a former editor of a magazine. here is a delightful quote she once said, "my white skin disgusts me. my passport disgusts me. they are the marks of an unsufferable privilege bought at others' agony. if i would peel myself inside out i would and if i could become part of the oppressed i would be free." >> run that by the oppressed and see how that feels. >> the oppressed were not available for comment. michael, you thought the thought of giving aid during the time of vietnam disqualified her. >> yes, i thought somebody who
12:37 am
did that couldn't believe they had it to say somebody else's voice should be silenced. then i realize it makes perfect sense. that's what ho chi minh would do. >> that's exactly what ho chi minh would do. that's who she is drawing inspiration from. nice one. gloria all re d helped draft the 19th century law. michael, was it you that said the fcc should get him off the air? >> yes jie. they don't regulate cable. >> maybe it sho. maybe that's the problem. >> maybe it should. i think ms. allred could still sue joseph devito. and if she is going to sue, that is the party whom she should be suing. >> she wears pant suits.
12:38 am
>> those are reenactments. >> who ever speaks of and concerning any woman a want of chastity shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. i'm not sure if a woman who says she needs her birth control paid by other people can claim that someone falsely imputed to her? >> well played, sir. >> i don't understand words. >> i make no value judgments here. >> you were talking about chastity. >> yes, she clearly is not chaste. >> i am not chaste either. >> which is fine by me, by the way. >> new jersey lawmaker wants to toughen pebble tees for driving driving -- penallies for -- penalties for driving slowly. you know who held it up?
12:39 am
>> do tell. >> hitler. >> that's your answer for everything. >> hitler has done a lot of things. >> and lastly, greg, do you speed? >> not in a longtime. >> i picture you driving really slowly with your little head barely above the steering wheel. guy that's only when we went to disneyland for the weekend and the car was already on that little track. it went pretty fast. >> i was just surprised they let you on the ride. >> me too. well, it was my birthday. remember when i got sick on the tea cups? >> oh do i. eat a lot of cotton candy and you get sick on the tea cups. >> it was one big spider web. >> i am done. >> that you are. coming up, snooki is dead -- against drinking while with child. good for her, i say. well to be healthy. she is erk in's hershey -- she is america's hershey kiss. speaking of snooki, how will her pregnancy influence the
12:40 am
middle east? experts will weigh in on some other show.
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the grades he didn't make cost him his spring break. i speak of a miami seventh grader -- how does he have spring break? his parents are forcing him to stand on a street corner over vacation and bear his academic failures to all. the sign in front reads "hey, i want to be a class clown. is it wrong? ". the backside said i am in fest grade and got three f's. hong if there is something wrong with that. his parents were there to make sure he was okay. dad said, it is my last string and i don't want him to be a statistic. shall we discuss this in the -- >> lightning rooooouuunnnnd *6789 lightning round.
12:44 am
>> terry, have i to say i always always -- i have to say i admire parents who do things like this. does public shaming make kids do better? >> i think they asked the kid and he said, i am not going to let this happen again. success. and he was protective. >> you have to do it while you can still take the kid. you are not going to put a sign on a kid that can beat you up. >> yes, but seventh grade you can knock him out. >> not that i am ab do indicating that. >> nor am i. >> just that he could take the sign and throw it at you and i would be hurt. i don't like pain. >> answer the question. >> isn't he famous now? >> he is famous. >> answer any question. >> he is going to beat me up. you would be the worst judge ever. success. he said he would never do it
12:45 am
again. that is clearly a nare do well. i think this is not going to work because he is a their do well. >> stop using words i haven't seen since i took the ap test. joe what is wrong with being a class clown? you can't have successful comedians like yourself without being a class clown. >> i was a class clown all four years of high school and i am on basic cable [bleep]. there is nothing more than a class clown wants to be made the center of attention. the important thing is they didn't turn him into a wireless hot spot. >> diane, i don't know. do you think the punishment fit the crime? >> it depends on what is important to him. the parents have to figure out what is going to embarrass their kids or figure out what they want that would take
12:46 am
away. maybe they realized this would embarrass him and finally hit home. hopefully it did. >> i definitely think there is a correlation between loss of shame and our culture. when we started letting kids sag their pants without shame to me was the -- if you president cay stop your kid -- can't stop your kid from pulling up their pants culture is over. >> it is harder and harder to discipline kids. parents need to be a little more creative and figure out what will embarrass them into doing the right thing. >> the pizza place next to my apartment that says you cannot come in if your pants are sagging. they made it clever and it looks like an mta sign. pants down can't come in. >> well, i won't be eating there. but that's for other reasons. no, actually it is for medical reasons. time to take a break.
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when we come back, more wonderful stuff.
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welcome back. voters in switzerland have the right to vote there and i
12:51 am
congratulate the swiss for coming around after many, many years. the voters agreed on zoned structures for licensed prostitutes and these structures are called sex boxes. i thought i had one of those, but i was wrong. the decision came as part of the country's direct democracy system in which voters regularly decide social issues. the boxes are basically parking spaces with walls. they are intended to ep could the sex, woulders away -- intended to keep the sex workers away from the sex capital. if you can't get rid of prostitution, is this the best way to control it? contain it in a sawment area? sawment area? >> have i a really hard time stying how i feel about it. i guess it is fine. if that's the best way they can think to keep it in the more appropriate areas, then sure. >> okay then. here is the thing i like about switzerland other than the fact that they make watches.
12:52 am
they rejected an extra two weeks vacation, but they okayed this. >> we will be spending the vacation. >> by the way, the sex boxes are also wireless hot spots, if you know what i mean. >> they come up with all of the culture and the different lange wenls. languages. it is not as romantic. >> i imagine that is the american translation. it sounds awesome like an ikea dresser drawer. >> that is not even swedish for anything. carrie, regardless of the profession everybody needs an office. isn't this really a hooker office? that's what they should have called it, a hooker office. >> a cube bough will cay. >> -- a cubicle. >> if it keeps the europeans from going to droves to tie land and participating in the sex trade go for it.
12:53 am
it is the death of western civilization. >> really? >> death by a thousand cuts all of these things, man. >> getting serious. >> and sex box, you couldn't have thought of something -- >> i am talking to a hooker office that should be a sitcom on nbc. and it is funny because it is about fishermen. you don't know it until you tune it. but they are hot fishermen who turn tricks for crack. it has two twists built into the twist. hooker office, fishing, but they are prostitutes turning tricks for crack. and crack is the name of their pet fish. >> that's why you are america's bad boy. >> at some point you could have interacted. that was amazing. what do you make of this? >> i am pro.
12:54 am
i am the social con end here. this is great that the voters voted. they rejected more vacation time. they start with like 64 weeks. it goes back to a negative receptor. >> you get up three hours before going to bed to go to work. it is that kind of thing. i don't know what i am saying, but two quick things. sex boxes we have these in hell's kitchen and they are called phone booth. there is no phone in them. you know how people use regular places to have sex, like you find people in parking lots and having sex. people will start to use sex boxes to do constructive things. a woman will be knitting a sweater in a sex box. you walk in on her and it was like -- >> don't people like the danger? that's what i heard. >> i wouldn't know. i spend a lot of time doing charity work. we will close things out with a post game wrap up from
12:55 am
tv's andy levy. could have gone with a joke about charity work and decided not to. go to fox eye.
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see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern for "the five." on the next "red eye" john gibson, tom shalo. hate him! he is a great guy. now back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> michael, how was venezuela? >> it was terrifying somebody pulled a gun on us. >> did you deserve it? >> no, he was 14 too. not lying. >> where can people find your boring articles and twitter feed. >> mcmomahan. >> excellent. diane, what is going on with
12:59 am
you? >> i am on bill imus and now during regular appearances on fox and friends first from 5:00 to 6:00 on fox newschannel. >> excellent. terry, what is going on with you these days. >> an update on my dog, toby. it is important, shut up. oh i am on fox news, no i am not on fox news and my dog does president -- doesn't have cancer. there was a 10% chance she doesn't have cancer and she doesn't have cancer. hi toby, i love you. >> joe, upcoming gigs? >> i love talking about it too after a cancer dog update. i will be at the comedy club on tuesday night and thursday night. 9:00 shows. >> excellent. the dog didn't have cancer though so it is good. >> still smoking though. >> i would like to point out if there are viewers at home who wish to take the incentive and create say a three-minute real of hooker office with my plot


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